NASAC mounting on Yggdrasil


Dear HPC team,

I’m trying to mount NASAC on Yggdrasil and now get an error message (see below). The same command is working on Baobab, and was working recently on Yggdrasil. Could you please help me solve this issue ? How should I change my commands so it works ?

Thank you for your help,

Primary informations

Username: prados
Cluster: yggdrasil

Steps to Reproduce

#kill dbus-daemon if running
dbus-launch bash
gio mount 'smb://ISIS;'

Expected Result

I would expect the NASAC share to be mounted in ~/.gvfs/

Actual Result

After entering my password, I got the error message:

gio: smb://ISIS; Failed to mount Windows share: Invalid argument

Hi @Julien.Prados

The Astro DNS is currently experiencing some issues, impacting name resolution on Yggdrasil. The Astro tech team is actively working to resolve the incident as soon as possible.