Problem launching Jupyterlab

Hi @Yann.Sagon,

On the gitlab website, you provide two .sh files for running Jupyter (Lab). In there, it states that it would also be possible to access Jupyter (Lab) through an ssh tunnel.

How exactly would that work? So I followed the steps of your first post (until grep "running at" -A1 slurm-j.out) while using an ssh tunnel, yet pasting the obtained url directly into a browser results in an error, and when I try to open Firefox from the ssh tunnel, I get the error

/usr/bin/firefox: line 198: getenforce: command not found
/usr/bin/firefox: line 198: [: !=: unary operator expected
Error: no DISPLAY environment variable specified

Dear Imahn,

How are you using the firefox browser? Do you connect by using x2go first? Then when the browser is open you can put the URL in the adress bar.

Best regards,