Unable to access a folder in yggdrasil V2

This issue was solved in the following thread just a month ago, now we are experiencing again problems : Unable to access a folder in yggdrasil

If you are asking for help, try to provide information that can help us solve your issue, such as :

what did you try: -bash: cd: /srv/verso/projects/sst1m/: Permission denied

what didn’t work: do not have access to the folder: /srv/verso/projects/sst1m/

what was the expected result: access to the folder srv/verso/projects/sst1m/

what was the error message: -bash: cd: /srv/verso/projects/sst1m/: Permission denied

path to the relevant files (logs, sbatch script, etc):

Hi @Andrii.Nagai
I don’t have access either, I hope they fix it soon and stable it.
Apparently, the haven’t come up with a fixed solution, this is the 3rd time it happens in this year.
1 per month apparently, probably every time they have to reboot the cluster.

Hi there,

A bit of history, given that a lot of things happens behind the walls…

The previous /sst1m space on NASAC has been recently migrated to the astronomy Isilon, i.e. /srv/verso/projects/sst1m. And for your information, both spaces are managed by the astronomy IT guys and not by us central HPC.

Moreover, together with the astronomy IT guys, we have also decided to remove the old HPC local group share_sst1m/1017 in favor of the AD one GL_S_Astro_sst1m/10648957 , thus all people working on this project must now be part of this AD group, whose responsible is @Roland.Walter .

From what I see, the files group ownership has not been updated yet, please contact the astronomy IT guys to fix them:

[root@login1 ~]# ls -ld /srv/verso/projects/sst1m/
drwxrwx--- 18 walter 1017 607 Oct 21 17:48 /srv/verso/projects/sst1m/
[root@login1 ~]# 

Thx, bye,

HI there,

After having discussed with @Pierre.Dubath from the astronomy IT, we decided to quickly fix this issue recreating the old HPC local group share_sst1m/1017:

[root@login1 ~]# ls -ld /srv/verso/projects/sst1m/
drwxrwx--- 18 walter share_sst1m 607 Oct 21 17:48 /srv/verso/projects/sst1m/
[root@login1 ~]# 

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thx, bye,