X2Go tends to freeze on Yggdrasil and Baobab since Rocky8 upgrade

Primary informations

Username: savardg
Cluster: Yggdrasil and Baobab


Ever since the upgrade to Rocky8, when I use X2Go, the window freeze after a while, especially if I switch between working on my computer and on X2Go. When it freezes, the mouse clicks become completely unresponsive, I can move the mouse but can’t click on anything. My work on X2Go is via matlab, on an interactive session (salloc --x11), so not sure if this contributes to this behaviour. Anybody else experienced this?

Steps to Reproduce

Connect to Ygg or Baobab on Yggdrasil. Open an salloc --x11 job, open matlab. Then minimize the X2Go window and do some work on your local computer. Go back to X2Go and see if the whole screen freezes.

Expected Result

No screen freezing

Actual Result

Screen freezing. Can’t click on anything, keyboard unresponsive, but mouse moves around.


can you try to kill you x2go session?


But indeed it seesm x2go isn’t very reliable anymore. Let us know if that helps

If I’m not mistaken, no need to specify --x11 it is automatically set.

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I also have had problems with X2Go this week. On Baobab it freezes, and opening and closing the session doesn’t fix it. Yggdrasil just opens a black window for a second and then it exits the session.

@Yann.Sagon yes killing the session allows me to start again a fresh new session. Like someone mentioned in another thread, the issue comes back as soon as the X2Go window has been inactive for a few minutes, so it makes it quite impractical. Hopefully there exist a solution to fix it on the longer term.

Referring this issue that is about the same problem.

Dear user,

I have done some research on this issue and found on the following forum that it could be caused by screensaver :


Then I removed the package “xfce4-screensaver” on login nodes, if your session is freezed ,please kill the session and restart a new one. Of course don’t hesitate to give us feedback.

Best regards,

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It seems to work now! Thank you :pray: